Kadıköy-Dalyan-Bostancı-Maltepe Coastal and Road Reclamation Project

Location : İstanbul
Definition of the project : The project consists of filling the sea with a length of approximately 5,5 km and a coastal strip with a length of approximately 6 km, having 2x3 lanes and stone armour, concrete sea wall, the recreation areas and facilities such as 5 beaches, parking lot, pedestrian and bicycle roads, playgrounds, open sports area, shopping center, and shore restaurant in the area obtained by this way.
Coastal Reclamation Main Figures
Excavation in the Sea : 200.000 m³
Excavation on the Land : 350.000 m³
Sand Pumping to the Beaches : 1.000.000 m³
Stone Armour : 600.000 m³
Precasted Concrete Armour Units : 10.000 units
Precasted Wall Elements : 20.000 m³
Reinforced Concrete Sea Wall : 25.000 m³
Core and Filter Layer for Headland : 400.000 tons
Road Reclamation Main Figures
Stabilized Filling : 200.000 m³
Stone Filling : 800.000 tons
Reinforcing Bar : 650 tons
Concrete : 30.000 m³
Pavement Coating : 25.000 m²
Curbstone : 25.000 m